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Everte Farnell
For more than 2 decades Everte has studied and worked to master influence, persuasion, and sales in person or through the written word. He's rubbed elbows and shared the stage with some of the most knowledge people in the world in the areas of direct marketing and entrepreneurship.

Still, at heart he is a dyed in the wool, truck driving Florida cracker.

For almost 20 years he has quietly created and executed marketing campaigns that have made his clients multi-millions of dollars and created exponential growth in their business.

With his Double Your Sales in 12 Months...Guaranteed! he can guarantee any business owner that they will double their top line revenue in just 12 months or they don't pay.
Interests: OK, they asked me to write this one myself. My interests vary day by day, thanks to a massively ADD brain. By the way, I don't like that this is referred to as a "disorder." I find it to be a blessing - but that's a different story.

I'm also a bit of a sword and sorcery fiction geek. Love the stuff! Especially the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy and the Song of Ice and Fire.

I've always had a real interest in politics and, specifically, freedom. My libertarian beliefs and my love of business eventually lead me to Ayn Rand.

First her fiction then her philosophy. Atlas Shrugged changed my life, as it has so many other people in the last 50+ years. It gave me a message I had always knew was correct but never had any reference for. The novel gave me permission to live for myself.

It was the most important message I have ever received.

Since then I have read Mrs. Rands philosophy extensively, as well as other thinkers work. I find Ayn's to be the most usable, workable philosophical system.
I'm dedicated to living political and philosophical message of freedom in her works .
Hometown: Gainesville
Location: FL 32608US

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Steve Clausson EP 1
Everte Farnell
Feb 22 2024

To grab your FREE copy of my whitepaper "Double Your Sales in 12 Months,...Guaranteed!" just go to and let me know where to send it.

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Jan 31 2017

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