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Modern Heathen Movers and Shakers: Chris Jacheo

Everte Farnell

Oct 29 2018

Everte does an interviw with founder of Tier One Viking, Chris Jacheo

This s wear heathen of all stripes can learn how the wisdom of our ancestors can serve us in this modern world. About Everte Farnell

For more than 2 decades Everte has studied and worked to master influence, persuasion, and sales in person or through the written word. He's rubbed elbows and shared the stage with some of the most knowledge people in the world in the areas of direct marketing and entrepreneurship.

Still, at heart he is a dyed in the wool, truck driving Florida cracker.

For almost 20 years he has quietly created and executed marketing campaigns that have made his clients multi-millions of dollars and created exponential growth in their business.

With his Double Your Sales in 12 Months...Guaranteed! he can guarantee any business owner that they will double their top line revenue in just 12 months or they don't pay.

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Modern Heathen Movers and Shakers: Chris Jacheo