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Modern Heathen Movers and Shakers: Chris Jacheo

Everte Farnell

Oct 29 2018

Everte does an interviw with founder of Tier One Viking, Chris Jacheo

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This s wear heathen of all stripes can learn how the wisdom of our ancestors can serve us in this modern world. About Everte Farnell

Everte Farnell is a stanch Libertarian and Objectivist. Through his belief in self responsibility and free market capitalism, he has been able to create and run several businesses.
He is an evangelical entrepreneur, freedom advocate and devoted husband and father.
"I am dedicated to spreading the message of freedom and helping to push back against the government that is rampant in our world today.
Nothing saves lives, cleans the planet and lifts people our of poverty like entrepreneurial capitalism...NOTHING! And it's about time someone said so!

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Modern Heathen Movers and Shakers: Chris Jacheo